VNT Logistics

Labor policy

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of freight forwarding, VNT Logistics is currently one of the largest companies in the country in terms of importing and exporting freight forwarding. The company’s business philosophy places people as its most valuable asset and is also the key to the company’s success.



Employee benefits:

  • For sales, the commission percentage is high, based on achievements and many opportunities for advancement.
  • Bonus based on sales, by month 13, 14, 15, …
  • Periodic bonus on holidays (30/4, 1.5, 2.9), New Year, company establishment, …
  • The monthly allowance includes: meals, business trips, petrol, phone, clothes according to each position.
  • In addition to the regime prescribed by the State, female employees during maternity leave are also entitled to a monthly allowance from the company.
  • Work for a large, reputable, long-standing company in the industry.
  • Participating in high-level insurance according to the company’s regulations
  • Annual leave; company-approved international travel to Asia or Europe. 
  • Receive regular training and improve product knowledge and sales skills.
  • Working in a dynamic and comfortable environment.
  • Enjoy all full benefits in accordance with the provisions of the Vietnam Labor Code and the company’s regulations.